Module 1: The Actor's Toolkit

I’m going to guess that you’re not quite sure how to get started without wasting a bunch of money on the wrong things. There is a ton of bad advice out there.  So, The Toolkit will help you avoid getting scammed while giving you the crucial tools every smart actor needs to be successful straight out of the gate.  

Module 2: The Game Changers

I’m gonna be real with you.  If you’re a builder (which you are) you don’t know the first thing about how to find acting jobs, what classes you should take, or who agents are and what they actually do.  I’m going to lay all of this out in a way you can understand and run with.  

Inside the Game Changers, you’ll find out the right way to make connections and get discovered without looking like you don’t know what you’re doing. 

Module 3: Industry Standards

We both know you have raw talent.  Now it’s time to build on that in order to find paid work.  The best actors are good because you can’t tell that they’re acting. That level of performance requires a certain set of skills that must be learned.  So it doesn’t matter if your cousin Pookie says you have talent.  You need the right training to actually stand out in this industry. 

I’ll walk you through the essential classes to take and which industry websites post auditions so you can start acting for real. 

Module 4: Create Your Resume

You may not even realize it, but actors use resumes to get auditions.  But an acting resume is completely different from the resumes you’re used to.  In fact, they come on a special size of paper.   I’ll give you step-by-step instructions to create your resume  and make sure it stands out even if you have no experience.

Module 5: Get Noticed

Now that you have the basics down, you’ll learn everything you need to know to create a professional demo reel to help you get even more auditions.  Think of your  demo reel as a mashup of your best work.  And you need to know what makes a demo reel great before you even start booking jobs. So, we’ll get you prepared for a great reel when the time is right.


Life & Career Coach For Actors


Before we go any further, let me introduce myself… I’m a passionate actress, singer, author and coach with BIG dreams. I also really love wigs and dark chocolate with almonds. I left Los Angeles after my first try in 2011 with ZERO TV/Film credits. I studied by butt off and came back in 2017 on FIRE! Inside my online show, Actors Daily Bread, I reveal how I cracked the code to become a working actor with now 59 credits and counting. I believe that most actors play small. Their thoughts sabotage their success. Now I’m on a mission to help other actors just like YOU to master your mindset, acting, marketing and auditions. That way, you can have the career you desire and deserve.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Module 1: The Actor's Toolkit

    • Start Here: Welcome to the Breakout Star Academy!


    • About Module 1...

    • Headshots

    • Headshots

    • Acting Class

    • Monologues

    • Module 1: Action Steps

  • 2

    Module 2: The Game Changers

    • About Module 2...

    • How to get an AGENT you love, who loves you AND gets you booked!

    • Casting Directors: Who They Are & How To Find Them

    • Module 2: Action Steps

  • 3

    Module 3: Industry Standards

    • About Module 3...

    • Improv

    • How to find Auditions [Part 1]

    • How to find Auditions [Part 2]

    • Module 3: Action Steps

  • 4

    Module 4: Creating Your Resume

    • About Module 4...

    • How to create a resume

    • Acting Resume Template

    • Actors Access Tutorial

    • Module 4: Action Steps

  • 5

    Module 5: Get Noticed

    • About Module 5...

    • Demo Reels

    • Bonus Demo Reel Information - 2019

    • Christine Horn Demo Reel

    • Module 5: Action Steps

  • 6

    💥 BONUS # 1 - Resources

    • BSA Monthly Career Action Planner

    • BSA Companion Workbook + Resource Guide

    • 📣 Join The Hollywood Bound Actors Facebook Group


  • 7

    💥 BONUS # 2 - Master Your Self-Taped Auditions

    • Self-Tape Mastery [5-Part Training Series]

  • 8

    💥BONUS # 3 - Exclusive Game Changer Trainings

    • How to Research & Track Casting Directors to Get More Auditions

    • Easy Ways To Market Yourself To Casting Directors & More

  • 9

    Need Technical Support?

    • Need Help?


If you're ready to finally launch your acting career and become a breakout star, click the ENROLL NOW button below to get instant access to the ENTIRE course!


If you're ready to finally launch your acting career and become a breakout star, click the ENROLL NOW button below to get instant access to the ENTIRE course!